Sports Nutrition

Testimony of a Professional Cyclist-Wimpie van der Merwe

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-23 at 12.39.13 Wimpie Van Der Merwe Testimony

“My 2c’s testimony: You may experience a change in the short term, but the real value lies in the long term.

Meduca™ Endocannabinoid Support Supplement

I am a healthy individual, have good health habits and supplement with quality products. With this lifestyle I have

accomplished certain things, known to some and perhaps not so familiar to others.

Meduca has brought about a change in recent months, which can be called a “killer” on a chart. That’s a deviation from the norm.

This deviation is most remarkable in an activity in which I am very good, namely cycling.

I have measurable results of speed, distance,  time, etc. I can compare with previous times. What is remarkable is that my exercise volume and intensity start to increase without the expected and accompanying fatigue curve.

On the contrary, I can repeat my practice after I finish it. I do an average of 750 km / week. Two weeks ago, I could do a 600 km Audax ride without the need for sleep.

This is only possible if fatigue is expelled. Stimulants unfortunately seek revenge

when worked out. I believe that Canamere, over a few months of use, has created a resilience against physical fatigue.

Because the physical part played a role in ultra-endurance and the rest was in the head, the CBD had to work with that one brains to stop fatigue somewhere in the process.

I do not have any special sports or energy drinks that I use to attribute the change to.

I am trying to imitate conditions that I will experience on my Alpi4000 (1,500 km

meeting in the Alps in Italy) soon: just eat meals and junk food on the road.

So, as Comrade Fidel would say, Viva Canamere, Viva!” – Wimpie van der Merwe


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