Looking for Balance?

Looking for some balance in your life?

What do I mean by Balance?    Energy Balance & Metabolism

I’m a 45-year-old Dad to an 8 and a 5-year-old. I’m gonna need to keep myself in shape if I want to keep up with them when they are in their teens and twenties, and I am 55-65 Odd. Eish, its hectic to try to keep up with them at the moment, so I need to try to live a balanced lifestyle, probably with more emphasis on exercise, as I have neglected the physical aspect of my balance for the last 15 years, and I am now trying my best to catch up.

So what does a balanced lifestyle entail?

CardiovascularBalance is a mix of emotional, physical and spiritual factors. Within these 3 area’s there are certain things you need to do daily, want to do daily and will benefit from doing daily. It’s up to your needs how you tackle these.

Emotionally my divorce 2,5 years ago has taken its toll. In the throes of healing after a lengthy stint married, it was becoming increasingly harder to maintain a positive and passive outlook. Being self-employed in a tough economic climate added further to the pressure cooker, and I was feeling like I was losing my grip slowly but surely.

My kids emotional needs were however not waning, they were as strong as ever, and in their development years, having an emotionally available and attentive father is paramount.

My need for Physical balance has already been highlighted above, which leaves my spiritual balance. This will be a topic for a future blog, I’m still figuring it out for myself.

I am however happy to report a drastic improvement in my physical as well as emotional balance in the last 5 months.

How did I do this you might ask?  Detoxification & Cleansing

Pretty simple really, a lot easier than I thought it would be, which is why I am sharing this, so you may also find some balance assistance.

Meduca™, a full spectrum Hemp Phytonutrient supplement with naturally occurring Cannabinoids has changed my morning routine very slightly, usually consisting of making that first cup of coffee in the am as I wake up, I now take a pipette of Meduca™ before I make my cup of coffee in the am, on an empty stomach. When I remember, I 1st squeeze some lemon juice to increase bio-availability , otherwise its a simple process of squeeze swirl and swallow. I repeat this squeeze and swirl in the evenings, again on an empty stomach, just before I eat dinner.

From the 1st time I took Meduca™ to alleviate a very intense bout of Sciatica after the December 2017 school holidays, the effects were harefooted to say the least, and it seemed unceasing, as the pain was gone within the hour, and did not return. I bought my first bottle a week later.

Since January 2017, I have been taking Meduca™ Hemp Based CBD Oil daily, I intend to take it until I leave this world. I am resolved that Meduca™ is the reason I am able to maintain some semblance of emotional balance and some impressive physical balance too. The emotional balance I can’t draw for you, but the physical balance can be assessed in the below graphic.

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