Managing Pain and Training

Sunshine after the storm

I market a product for people who suffer from pain in the knee or joints from running or hiking.

I snapped my ligaments in my right knee when I was 21 years old, making running or hiking painful, with sharp jarring pains common during and after the run or hike.

I tried multiple pain killers and anti-inflammatories (Norflex, Tramadol, Cataflam), which only made me nauseas on-top of the pain, with only slight and fleeting relief.

I tried Meduca  end of January 2018 as a last desperate resource to get pain relief.

Within 2 weeks,  the intense jarring pain when I walked, or should I say limped, after a run or a hike was gone. Yes gone, completely.

I am now running and hiking further, quicker and recovering much easier and faster than before, and I am pain free.

It’s been 3 months,12 Kg’s  and some excellent runs & hikes later, and I have never looked back.

Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?

Please feel free to share this Blog with them, or my contact details, so that I can share with them about what I found….

Keep the rubber side down….




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