Beard Grooming

Beard? No Beard? What say you?

No Beard Brennan

So science is unanimous, Beards definitely assist the male species with attracting attention from the opposite sex. Some interesting stats from Quora on just how significant the fairer sex like beards, and what they stand for in their minds when they spot you in the crowd.

Now hair, in general is a very sensitive subject for men, and just like the hair on their heads, different men grow different beards. There are stubbly (prickly) ones, which dont go down well with my kids at all, to full-on Joopie Adam, (as we know him in South Africa) or Grizzly Adams (as the rest of the world knew him), style outdoors beards. Unsurprisingly, most of the ladies who responded to the various on-line surveys, stated that a beard made a man look virile, and gave the impression of what the man was looking for in the opposite sex. I wonder what same-sex men think of beards?Jopie Adam Branded

In between there are many different styles and trims you can choose from, with an excellent global beard culture developing, even the big name hair care brands are getting in on the action, with at least 2 of them stating that they will be launching a men’s beard grooming range imminently.

So if you keen to get going with a beard, or you already have one, and you have discovered that it takes more grooming than you planned for (I grow a beard because I couldn’t be assed with grooming #vibes), along with some other challenges, take a look at The High Street Beard Oil.

Undoubtedly the most unique beard care range in the world. Handcrafted with the finest African Baobab oil, Marula oil, Kalahari melon seed oil, Mafura butter and Gum arabic.

No Oily Beards! It’s a lightweight, rapid absorbing oil that keep your beard hair conditioned and your skin moisturized and hydrated. Say goodbye to bearddruff, itchiness and dry coarse bristles. (Plenty kisses and loving from the kids, and they love playing with my beard when we watching the Tube).

Smell Amazing, all their products are fragranced with a unique combination of essential oils and perfumery aromas, which when combined deliver longer lasting complex aromas that wear like a good cologne. And I use the shower soap too, which is great for my hair too, on my head that is, along with my Man Mane.Beard

Now because I am a hairy fellow already, and I don’t seem to be (touch wood) growing a full face helmet from my crown around my dome, I dont use the Hair Tonic. I however have it on good authority from a couple of customers of The High Street Beard Oil, that the growth tonic works like a dream, and that patchy beards quickly fill up and out once using the Tonic.

So take action now, and get that beard grooming kit going, or help your man, brother, dad this fathers day, and all the days he has a beard thereafter, keep his Man Mane looking showroom condition, smelling like a forest after fresh rains and totally kissable with his soft trimmed facial locks.

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TOM (The Organic Manic)

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