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Chlorophyll and its benefits to your health

Chlorophyll’s benefits for your health

My fellow Canamarians and I were informed of some exciting developments in the last week or so by our CEO Tiaan Swart.

Our flagship product, Meduca™ has undergone some positive changes.

There is a new development in our one phase of the oil preparation that you may or may not pick up in the Meduca:

1. Firstly, you can notice the oil is about 5% darker green. Some wont even be able to see      it.

2. Secondly, you will notice the taste is a more bitter “hempy” taste.

There is a reason for this.
One of the nutrients inside Meduca, called chlorophyll, which gives it its green colour, is now present in more quantity, hence the reason for it being slightly darker too.
Anyway, Tiaan goes on to say
“So, we now have a product that is more nutrient dense, and you can do yourself the favour of searching online for “chlorophyll health benefits” and then you will realise how much more health benefit the product will have cause of this nutrient being more prevalent.

It is still European Hemp as we have been using all the time, but by improving our extract of the broad spectrum nutrients present in hemp, we also intensified the taste of the plant itself, but at the same time lifted the broad spectrum cannabinoids available too.

Test one thing for yourself and pay attention to a faster action in the product cause of the synergistic increase in phytonutrition. Feel free to take the product with food, as the oil will mix with the food and digested along with the food. #hemp #cbd #cbdoil #cannabinoids

You should see that the product gained about 5% to 10% of its effectiveness as it will be a more potent product, the draw back to this is the increase in its hemp taste (the thing that makes it more bitter is actually something that help for your health more)

And guess what I opened this morning before my school run and my trail run….

If you would like to buy some Meduca™ for your person, or your pet.

Click Here!



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