To Organic or Not to Organic


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Welcome to The Organic Manic. I hope you find the journey of consuming Organic Non-Toxic products as much as I enjoy finding them for you, and of course consuming them myself.

Canamere Meduca™ 30ml
Canamere Meduca™

I believe that we should eat our own Dog Food, and can assure you that I use all the products on this Blog on myself.

I am on a mission to find you the most useful, certified organic and non-toxic every day consumable products on the market. I aim to find some kick ass eco-friendly gadgets too, to make those adventures you take with the ones you love softer on the environment we share.

So why is what I am saying more valid, true or verified than others? I don’t know why for you, but I do know why for me….

So if you will bear with me, which I am sure you have done, cause you’ve read this far, I’ll let you know as I find out.

I’m gonna start the journey with Canamere. A South African company that I am involved in as an Independent Affiliate.


Well it was the point in my life that I discovered that we have an Endocannabinoid System in our bodies. And I was amazed that it existed and that it could help me with something I had battled with since my early 20’s, I’m 45 now BTW.

I had also just discovered first hand the power of Canemere’s Meduca CBD Hemp Oil.

I could literally feel the pain from my Sciatica dissipating after ingesting some Meduca CBD Oil.

Within the hour, days of debilitating pain and uncomfortableness had disappeared, miraculously and I was ready to Rock n Roll. I bought my first bottle a week later. I currently induce a bottle and a half in a month….

I feel amazing…..

The second product on my Blog, is a very cool organic Beard Care range. Co-incidentally, the folks involved in The High Street Beard Oil entered my life around the same time that Canamere did. So I am gonna go with what the universe has made available, and start with these two beauties….earthy-white_1024x1024

Keep your eyes peeled though, cause I’m gonna be looking for more awesome organicness out there, from Nutritional Supplements to Cosmetics, Clothing, Bed Linen & Accessories to Cars, Building Materials and Technology.

Feel free to let me know of any products or services you know of that should feature on this site. Your input will be appreciated and if possible implemented.

Keep the rubber side down….



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